Reflexology for Stress
I am an expert in helping unwind the effects of stress, working with your body to relieve pain and anxiety, helping you live the life you want.

Stress is like a clockwork mechanism, a wind up spring. To start with, it is loose, there’s tension there, but it’s essentially relaxed. Then, as we wind the key, we add stress to the spring. Initially we can add lots of stress, big turns of the key, because there is lots of capacity in the spring.

But, as the tension builds in the spring, it doesn’t take much to make it wind tighter and tighter. The more stress piled into the spring the harder it is for the spring to take any more.

Until, one last tiny little turn of the key, a disobedient child, a deadline too far, a cut-in in the car-park, and … sproinnnnnng.

A verbal broadside. Or a kicked cat. Or worse, a slipped disk. Or a heart attack..

I release the spring. Before it goes sproinnnnng.

Physically, I use reflexology to switch off the Sympathetic Nervous System, the Stress Response, and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, the Relaxation Response

I remind your body what it feels like to be relaxed and teach it the pathways to make it easier to find that feeling again.