Now is the time to heal yourself

Reflexology to Release, Repair & Replenish

The last 2 years have taught us many things.

One of them has been an understanding that we have many little ways that we use to replenish our inner resources.

From meeting friends and loved ones, in groups large and small, to the cherished 'me-time" of hair or nails or facials, to the hands on body reset of massage or myotherapy or reflexology.

We didn’t really understand how important they are to us or how much they help us to keep functioning positively until they weren’t available anymore.

Without being able to recharge and replenish, we have had to dig deep into our reserves, squeezing ourselves out just to keep on going.

Now that we can, we need to really look after ourselves.

We have to repair the damage that has been done to us.

We have to let go of the accumulated crud and actively fill up those scooped out insides.

These ways we look after ourselves are not simply indulgences or treats, but are vital to living a full, connected, life.

Now is the time to heal yourself.

Reflexology is uniquely able to release and replenish your emotional, mental and physical selves to release the trauma of the past two years and help you proactively walk the path forward to the future you want.

Choosing the right Reflexologist for you

There are many different styles of Reflexology and there are many more different styles of Reflexologist.

It is more important to choose the right type of Reflexologist than the right type of Reflexology

All Reflexologists believe that parts of the body reflect or mirror other parts of the body and by working on those reflexes we can bring about a change in the part it reflects.

The flexibility and holistic nature of Reflexology fully allows and welcomes a spectrum of styles and approaches.

Reflexology has space for them all.

Which makes it important to decide which Reflexologist fits best with you.