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Now is the time to heal yourself

Are you struggling to get over Covid?
Have you recently had Covid and are still not feeling quite right yet?
You are not alone.

Most vaccinated people who now catch Covid-19 report mild symptoms and emerge from their isolation period with few ill effects. However, a significant minority, between 10% and 30%, experience some residual symptoms, regardless of whether or not they were symptomatic during their infectious period.

The most common symptoms are fatigue, brain-fog, and breathlessness, but the World Health Organisation has identified more than 200 reported symptoms including chest pain, change in sense of taste or smell, anxiety and/or low mood, muscle pain and weakness, stomach and digestion difficulties, rash and depression.

It is still unclear who is more likely to develop Long COVID but British researchers found symptoms of Long COVID are more frequently reported by women (up to 50% more likely than men), those with poor health before the catching Covid, and those aged 50 to 60 years. Pre-existing asthma or obesity/overweight also increases your chances of getting the post-viral illness

Although there are studies underway trialing possible treatments, such as anti-inflammatories or antivirals, there are currently no effective, conventional medical treatments for Long Covid.

Reflexologists in Europe have been treating large numbers of post-Covid patients almost since the beginning of the pandemic. Building on their experience, we can tailor specific treatment plans for each individual to treat their presenting conditions at their particular stage of Post-Covid.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you have recently had Covid then Book in for a Reflexology Melbourne treatment now and give your body the best chance of a full recovery.

If you are struggling with Long Covid then Book a Treatment now and together we can explore how best to empower your body to get you back to your best.

Choosing the right Reflexologist for you

There are many different styles of Reflexology and there are many more different styles of Reflexologist.

It is more important to choose the right type of Reflexologist than the right type of Reflexology

All Reflexologists believe that parts of the body reflect or mirror other parts of the body and by working on those reflexes we can bring about a change in the part it reflects.

The flexibility and holistic nature of Reflexology fully allows and welcomes a spectrum of styles and approaches.

Reflexology has space for them all.

Which makes it important to decide which Reflexologist fits best with you.