Reflexology For Workplaces

On-site Reflexology Sessions are the perfect incentive to encourage a return to the Office
Wellness and Workplaces
Using a unique combination of hands-on reflexology and coaching, I connect with corporate employees, helping them regain balance and reduce stress, leading to increased productivity and engagement and, ultimately, more profitable output for their organizations. What I'm really all about is helping organizations get the most out of their greatest resource, their people.

The first, and longest running, program at Clear Sky Corporate Wellness is a program we have been delivering for a State Representational organization for the last 15 years. During that time, we have offered weekly reflexology treatments to the entire team: CEO and Directors; through all levels even including contingent workers.

We have been part of the EAP through a tripling of the workforce, changes in premises, funding model and even business model. We have worked through all of these changes, being present for each team-member supporting each of them in their growth as individuals.

Each year since they started to ask, the fact that the organization offers the Reflexology Program is voted by the staff as the best thing about working there. It is an explicit part of the offer to attract potential recruits, for many of whom, one of the criteria in choosing an employer is lifestyle and work environment.

Failure to address overwhelm can lead to staff disengagement

In a competitive world, companies have had to reduce costs, restructure, rationalize spending, and push people to work harder than ever. The challenge facing most companies now is dealing with "the overwhelmed employee." Failure to manage this “overwhelm” or “mega-stress” usually leads to disengagement.

Deloitte’s 2013 study of Australian companies found that nearly two thirds of employees, 64%, are not engaged in the organisation or their jobs.

Our unique Corporate Wellness approach is a clear differential in the quest for team engagement.

The combination of our modalities and one-on-one sessions allows us to offer a uniquely tailored experience for each team member, from simple pampering to stress management to therapeutic treatments for specific conditions.

We provide a space where they can feel that their employer supports and nurtures them as human beings not merely as factors of production.

We tailor a specific wellbeing program that works with your corporate objectives of change, engagement and health to deliver physical and mental wellbeing advice focused directly on the issues pertinent to each individual.

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