Reflexology for Cancer

Reflexology is the best complementary therapy to support people living with cancer.

Reflexology is not a cure for cancer.

Millions of hours of some of humanity’s finest brains and countless millions of dollars have been committed to finding the best ways to treat cancers. And yet, even the best treatments available take a terrible physical, emotional and mental toll.

Reflexology’s role is to support.

To support the body; to help with pain, to help with elimination, to help with lymphatic drainage, to help with fatigue, to help support the body’s fight to survive the treatments that are trying to almost kill it. There are multiple studies and trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of reflexology's ability to help with the unwanted effects of cancer treatment. Across the world, reflexologists are employed in oncology wards to work within the hospital care system to provide care and support to in-patients.

To support the person; reflexology treatments treat the whole person. They provide a place of safety and temporary escape if that’s required. They recognize, acknowledge, and treat the emotional and mental toll the diagnosis and treatment can take.

Too often, treating cancer is described using the words of war and struggle, “battling”, and “fighting”. This language and attitude is exhausting. Reflexology treatments can provide a space to just hand over, lay down the armour and just be cherished and supported for a while. To let go and enjoy the simple pleasure of rest and therapeutic touch and support.