Reflexology for Maternity

Reflexology can be used to support medical IVF approaches or as a stand alone approach to helping you create your family.

Reflexology's ability to restore balance to the body helps many conditions where there is hormonal, digestive, reproductive or circulatory imbalance.

This makes it especially beneficial during Maternity Time.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy but it is also very powerful, making it a wonderful therapy before, during and after Pregnancy.

Its ability to quickly induce a feeling of deep relaxation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and this is very helpful in any condition where pain is present. < p strong>Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it can bring uncomfortable aches and pains. I specialise in helping women relieve pain and discomfort during their pregnancies. I can help pregnant women in 3 ways;
  1. Reduce symptoms such as nausea, back-ache, swollen ankles, stress and anxiety. Using Reflexology, you can get significant relief from many of the discomforts of pregnancy. Swelling, heartburn, constipation and many others, even debilitating conditions such as Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, can all be managed.
  2. Shorten your labour. Studies* have shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy have far shorter labours than those who don’t, (on average, two thirds shorter with an average first stage labour of 5 hours, compared to textbook figures of 16 to 24 hours), with subjects often requiring less pain-relief during the course of delivery.
  3. Help you to recover quickly after delivery. Post-natally, reflexology can help balance the body back to a non-pregnant state. It is helpful in many areas and can help with breastfeeding; encouraging good flow, and helping with engorgement and mastitis problems. It is particularly helpful with postnatal depression and can be very beneficial in dealing with fatigue, stress and anxiety issues.
Non-invasive, drug free and deeply relaxing, a reflexology treatment is a must do during pregnancy. You will feel its beneficial, relaxing effects even if you are generally free from pain, helping you to sleep restfully and maintain your energy levels. At a time when you have to deny yourself many of life's little pleasures, reflexology is a guilt-free pregnancy time treat that is also good for you and your baby.
*”The Effects of Reflexology on Labour Outcome," Dr. G. Motha and Dr. J. McGrath, Forest Gate, London, 1989