A Reflexology Research resource

As the benefits of reflexology are becoming more recognized, there is a rapidly growing appetite for clinical research across the world. In recent years there has been more funding, researchers, clinicians and more participants leading to larger and better quality studies and more randomized controlled trials.

Practitioners and clients have had hands-on experience of the many benefits of Reflexology for years but it is very helpful to have quality research that shows the wider world that reflexology offers significant help to people who need it.
Cancer Breast
The Effect of Reflexology on the Pain-Insomnia-Fatigue Disturbance Cluster of Breast Cancer Patients During Adjuvant Radiation Therapy
Pregnancy Anxiety
The effectiveness of foot reflexology in reducing anxiety and duration of labor in primiparas: An open-label randomized controlled trial
Cancer Breast
The effect of reflexology on the quality of life with breast cancer patients