Choosing the Right Reflexologist for You

To get the best outcomes from Reflexology, you need to choose a Reflexologist with an approach that fits with you.

Choosing the right Reflexologist

One of the many things I love about Reflexology as a Wellness modality is its breadth;

the spectrum of imbalances, illnesses, conditions and ailments of the body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that respond to it;

the range of different types of reflexology; classical Foot, Hand, Face, Auricular, Body, Chinese, Thai Stick, Light Touch, VRT

through to the diversity of practitioners, from the precision of a Clinical Reflexologist in a hospital setting to the intention-led divine-energy “channel”.

Reflexology has space for them all.

Which makes it difficult to decide which Reflexologist fits with you.

One size doesn’t fit all.

I believe that the “Type” of Reflexology is less important than the "Type" of Reflexologist.

Being a Reflexologist fundamentally just means that we believe that parts of the body reflect or mirror other parts of the body and by working on those reflexes we can bring about a change in the part it reflects.

The flexibility and holistic nature of Reflexology fully allows and welcomes a spectrum of styles and approaches.

At one end is a space for an almost hands off, intention-led, energetic-healing therapy which extends all the way to a pure precision-based, analytical, clinical, physical approach.

The vast majority of Reflexologists occupy a space between either extreme. To have chosen Reflexology, the mind and heart of even the most clinical Reflexologist has to contain some degree of curiosity and wonder of an holistic approach to treatment. We don’t actually know precisely how Reflexology works, so, to practise, is to hold a flexibility of mind and approach to allow for the unproveable. Similarly, even the most divine-healing-energy approach requires some rigour and physical reflex manipulation.

I sit well towards the clinical end of this bell curve. I work almost exclusively on feet and I am an adherent of the Marquand Anatomical Reflection Model. I believe that the body is completely and precisely reflected in the feet and I work the feet as if I was exploring the body. This approach leads to the best results for effecting actual change in the body, from the treatment of specific areas of pain, to accessing the central nervous system to helping the body manage hormonal imbalances.

I am holistic in my general approach. I believe that pain does not just show up in the body for no reason, but indicates that something in our lives needs to change. Where, or how, or when, that pain appears can give some indication as to where that change needs to happen so that you can move on and continue to grow.

Fundamentally though, I believe that my treatments are a space where my clients can be cherished, nurtured and supported as we work together to help them re-connect, heal and grow.